1 Enlistment
  • Department:  Procurement & Logistic Support
  • Ref. No.:  DACPL/Enlistment/Stationery/2020-2021
  • Location:  Dhaka
  • Published On:  23/06/2020
  • Closing Date:  13/07/2020

Enlistment of Manufacturers/Authorized Distributors/Suppliers for supply of different types of stationery and related items (As per attached list in Annexure 01) as and when required basis during August’2020 to 31st December’2021

2 Tender Notice
  • Department:  Procurement & Logistic Support
  • Ref. No.:  DACPL/Computer/Ribbon/2020
  • Location:  Dhaka
  • Published On:  28/06/2020
  • Closing Date:  14/07/2020

Enlistment of manufacturers/authorized distributors/suppliers for supply of ribbon/cartridge for computer printers during one year. 

3 Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Department:  Airport Services
  • Ref. No.:  Notice # 02/2020
  • Location:  Dhaka
  • Published On:  10/06/2020
  • Closing Date:  15/07/2020

Sealed RFP are hereby invited from experienced, bonafide & renowned Catering suppliers/Service providers to appoint as Airport Lounge Service Provider of Biman Business Class & Loyalty Club Members’ passengers at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka.

4 e-Tender Notice
  • Department:  Procurement & Logistic Support
  • Ref. No.:  DACPL/e-GP Tender/2020
  • Location:  Dhaka
  • Published On:  06/07/2020
  • Closing Date:  23/07/2020

e-Tender(s) are hereby invited in the National e-GP portal (www.eprocure.gov.bd) for the procurement of Surgical Mask 3 Ply, I.D. Card Printer, Hand Held Security Metal Detector and Walk-through Metal Detector/ Archway Metal Detector.

5 Int'l Tender Notice
  • Department:  BFCC
  • Ref. No.:  30.34.0000.
  • Location:  Dhaka
  • Published On:  08/07/2020
  • Closing Date:  17/08/2020

BFCC has launched Tender For Procurement & Commissioning of 04 (Four) Nos Refrigerated Aircraft Catering High Lift Van, under Int’l Tender Notice No 18/2020 dated 02-07-2020.

6 e-GP Tender
  • Department:  BFCC
  • Ref. No.:  30.34.2600.63.e-GP Tender.44.2020/17 & 18
  • Location:  Dhaka
  • Published On:  02/07/2020
  • Closing Date:  20/08/2020

BFCC has launched Tender for (a) Procurement of King Salmon Fish Fillet, under Tender ID No. 475620 & e-GP Tender Notice No 18/2019-20 dated 23-06-2020 and (b) Procurement of Nile Perch Fish Fillet, under Tender ID No. 475888 & e-GP Tender Notice No 18/2019-20 dated 24-06-2020

7 Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Department:  Marketing & Sales
  • Ref. No.:  N/A
  • Location:  Dhaka
  • Published On:  22/06/2020
  • Closing Date:  25/08/2020

Biman Bangladesh Airlines hereby invites “Request for Proposal (RFP)” from international bidder for establishing Passenger Service System (PSS), Departure Control System (DCS), Global Distribution System (GDS), E-Commerce, Loyalty and associated services.

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