1 e-Tender Notice
  • Department:  Procurement & Logistic Support
  • Ref. No.:  DACPL/OTM /e-GP/2020-21
  • Location:  Dhaka
  • Published On:  11/07/2021
  • Closing Date:  28/07/2021

e-Tender is hereby invited in the National e-GP portal (www.eprocure.gov.bd) for the procurement of various items.

2 Auction Tender
  • Department:  Procurement & Logistic Support
  • Ref. No.:  DACPP/AUCTION/03/MT/GSE/ENGG/PRESS/PW/2020-21
  • Location:  Dhaka & Chattogram
  • Published On:  22/06/2021
  • Closing Date:  29/07/2021

Sealed Tenders are hereby invited for selling off the following Unserviceable Items of various Departments on “As is, Where is” basis.



This is to inform all concerned tenderers that the closing date on 08/07/2021 of Auction Tender no.: DACPP/AUCTION/03/MT/GSE/ENGG/PRESS/PW/2020-21 DATE: 13/06/2021 has been postponed by the management due to unavoidable current COVID-19 Lockdown situation until further notice. The revised closing date and time will be notified later on in Biman website: www.biman-airlines.com.


3 Tender
  • Department:  Flight Operations
  • Ref. No.:  30.34.2600.
  • Location:  JED,LHR & SIN
  • Published On:  08/07/2021
  • Closing Date:  01/08/2021

Tender for Aviation Fuel (Jet A-1) Procurement at  JED,LHR & SIN.

4 Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Department:  Procurement & Logistic Support
  • Ref. No.:  DACPL/RFP-03/ATM Booth/2021-2022
  • Location:  Dhaka
  • Published On:  18/07/2021
  • Closing Date:  10/08/2021

Expression of Interest (EOI) for Installation of ATM Booth at Biman Dhaka Sales Office, Motijheel.

5 Notice of rent
  • Department:  P&W
  • Ref. No.:  N/A
  • Location:  Dhaka
  • Published On:  06/07/2021
  • Closing Date:  11/08/2021

বিমান ভবন, ১০০ মতিঝিল বাণিজ্যিক এলাকা, ঢাকা এর ২য় তলায় প্রায় ১২,০০০ বর্গফুট, ৩য় তলা হতে ৬ষ্ঠ তলা পর্যন্ত প্রতি তলায় ২০,৫০০ বর্গফুট, ৭ম তলায় ২,৪৭৫ বর্গফুট, ৮ম এবং ৯ম তলায় ২,৩৩৫ বর্গফুট করে স্থান ভাড়া প্রদান করা হবে।

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