Agency Debit Memo Policy

Agency Debit Memo (ADM) Policy | Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines ADM Policy for Booking, Ticketing & Refund Abuse

In compliance with the IATA Resolution 830a and 850m of the Passenger Agency Conference Resolution Manual, Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG) hereby publishes its Agency Debit Memo (ADM) policy for Booking, Ticketing and Refund Abuse.

Effective Date

Biman Bangladesh Airlines will implement this ADM policy with effect from 31 August, 2020.

1.1. Booking Abuse:

The following table provides details of ADMs that will be raised as a part of the violation of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Booking Policy: [ADM is assigned on a per passenger per segment basis]

South East Asia Far East Middle East/KSA Europe Domestic
ADM = $12 ADM = $15 ADM = $20 ADM = $25 ADM = $5
Kathmandu Bangkok Abu Dhabi London Barisal
Kolkata Kuala Lumpur Dammam Manchester Chittagong
Delhi Singapore Doha Cox’s Bazar
Chennai Canton Dubai Dhaka
Jeddah Jessore
Kuwait City Rajshahi
Muscat Sylhet
Riyadh Saidpur

For example, Fake Name violations that were detected on a single passenger PNR with the following segments:

CGP – DAC – MAN – DAC – CGP: This would lead to a total ADM value of $60.00 + Admin Fee. In order to reach the $60, each segment would be penalized at its regional rate:

CGP – DAC = $5 (Domestic)

DAC – MAN = $25 (Europe)

MAN – DAC = $25 (Europe)

DAC – CGP = (Domestic)

Administrative Fee for Booking Abuse:

To cover the cost of the audit procedures, a fixed amount of USD 20 or equivalent is added to each ADM in addition of the booking abusive amount.

Minimum ADM Amount for Booking Abuse:

The minimum amount, for which an ADM is raised, is USD 5.00

Biman Bangladesh Airlines can issue one ADM with multiple reasons for one original ticket in regard to minimum amount. In case of persistent practices of under collection (multiple occurrences of underpayments of less than USD 5 by the same Travel Agent), Biman Bangladesh Airlines reserves the right to recover these underpayments by sending an ADM.

1.2. Ticketing/Refund abuse:

  1. Short collection & short deposit on account fares/taxes/fees and charges observed in BSP sales reports.
  2. Excess refund on account of wrong calculation of residual fares, taxes, fees and charges through refund Application already authorized (RA) and Refund notice (RN) as well as any type of excess payment (incentive, kick back etc.) through BSPlink ACM already issued earlier due to wrong calculation which detected late.
  3. Due deportee fare, taxes, fees, charges and fines already imposed by foreign countries immigration & identified to a specific agent.
  4. Per ADM Issuance charges will be USD 50.00 for issue, reissue, tax, commission, refund and other charges in addition of the discrepancy amount.
  5. BSP login password charges as applicable.
General ADM Procedures for All Violation Types:

The following sections provide details of the ADM procedures carried out by Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

Time Limit to Issue ADMs:

For IATA and ARC agencies, the time limits governed by these organizations will be applied. Biman Bangladesh will issue ADMs within 9 months after the last date of travel for sales transactions / the refund date for refunded tickets. For non-IATA agencies ADMs will be issued within 1 year after the last date of travel/refund date.

Time limits in ADM issuance do not infringe upon BG’s right to issue/collect ADMs without being subject to any time limits in the case of fraud and fraudulent transactions unless there are other restrictions (legal, administrative, commercial) as those time limits have been set to accomplish the audit

ADM Disputes:

ADMs will be communicated via BSPLink for BSP agencies and Memo Manager for ARC agencies and via e-mail for non-IATA agencies.

Any disputes should be raised with Biman Bangladesh Airlines within 14 days once the ADM is communicated to the Travel Agent. If this time limit is not met, ADMs will be finalized for settlement with the effective due date/report period mentioned in the ADM.