ADM Policy of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd

As per reference to “Important Information on PACONF Resolution Changes" already circulated by IATA on dtd.02nd May 2014,the ADM Policy of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd is being published as under for notification all valued agents participating in BSPlink:

  1. Short collection & short deposit on account fares,taxes,fees and charges observed in BSP sales reports.
  2. Excess refund on account of wrong calculation of residual fares, taxes, fees and charges through refund Application already authorized (RA) and Refund notice (RN) as well as any type of excess payment(incentive, kick back etc) through BSPlink ACM already issued earlier due to wrong calculation which detected later.
  3. Due deportee fare, taxes, fees, charges and fines already imposed by foreign countries immigration & identified to a specific agent.
  4. Charges of abuse booking identified in system as under:
    1. Any booking created by Travel Agents which is neither ticketed and nor has removed cancelled HX segments prior to 24 hours departure of flight.
    2. Any booking made within 24 hours of flight departure but not ticketed.
    3. Any duplicate, fake booking and churning.
    4. Any passive booking which is strictly prohibited.
    5. Any type of fictitious booking with improper name.
    6. To collect TDS or applicable charge from Agents.
    7. Any kind of abusive practices which result in failed host transactions (ie Robotic Transactions, etc.)
    8. Any discrepancy identified under above 4(a) to 4(g) ADM admin fee ( ADM Issue charge) will be USD 20.00 in addition of the discrepancy amount .
    9. Per ADM Issuance charges will be USD 50.00 for issue, reissue, tax, commission, refund and other charges in addition of the discrepancy amount .
  5. BSP login password charges as applicable.
  6. Any additional time may not be allowed to agents after issue of ADM in BSPlink as final for settlement without any further grace period. That is, once ADM issued in the link after following the conditions as above must be treated as final for settlement with the effective due date/report period mentioned in the ADM.