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This Agreement is made between, BIMAN BANGLADESH AIRLINES LTD, Balaka Bhaban, Kurmitola, Dhaka-1229 Bangladesh, hereafter referred to as "BIMAN" of the one part and the prospective Agent.
WHEREAS the Agent has requested via the Travel Agency Portal (TAP) to be appointed to be a BIMAN TAP Agent.
The applicant Agency understands and agrees that registration to the TAP does not guarantee acceptance and use of the system by BIMAN unless and until BIMAN approves it.
The Agent undertakes to surrender promptly to any authorized representative of BIMAN all legal documentation of BIMAN issued to him by BIMAN , if any.
The applicant understands and agrees that any agency agreement between the applicant and BIMAN shall be subject to any applicable Sales Agency Rules of BIMAN and that the decision of BIMAN with respect to approval, retention or cancellation of agents proposed or already on the list of approved agents shall be final and bindings.
It is hereby agreed that this application shall become a part of every sales agency agreement signed with BIMAN for the sale of international/regional/domestic air passenger transportation.
The applicant hereby expressly waives any and all claims, causes of action or rights to recovery and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BIMAN, their officers, employees, agents or servants, for any loss, injury or damage based upon slander or defamation of character by reason of any action taken in good faith pursuant to this application including but not limited to a notice of disapproval.
The applicant understands and agrees that if the application for approval as an agent is disapproved, he will not claim any commission, remuneration or compensation for the sale of air transportation over the services of BIMAN during the period the application was under consideration.
The applicant Agent understands that by selecting "I ACCEPT" on the TAP portal explicitly and wholeheartedly adhere to all conditions described previously.