Credit Card Authorization

Biman Bangladesh Airlines | Credit Card Authorization

Credit Card Authorization process

To avoid fraudulent use of credit – debit card for online ticket purchase, passengers are advised to carry/ show credit – debit card at check-in counter for CC Verification.
If the holder of the credit card is not a travelling passenger, then the passenger may be required to present the following items at the time of check-in:

1. Credit/ Debit Card Authorization form. Click here to download

2. A Photocopy of both sides of the credit card, which will have to self-attested by the credit card holder authorizing the use of the credit card for the purchase of the ticket. For security reason, please strike out the eight digits in middle (only first & last four digits of card can be verified) and Card Verification Value (CCV) code on the copy of your credit card.

3. Photo ID/ Passport Copy of the Card Holder.

The signed authorization form should be carried by the travelling passenger.