Biman Bangladesh Airlines | IN-FLIGHT MAGAZINE

বিহঙ্গ (Bihanga)

100 Years of Mujib| Learn about the legendary life and philosophy of Bangabandhu, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
A warm welcome to all our customers, and we hope you enjoy reading our new in-flight magazine called Bihanga, which is the name of a Bangladeshi bird, used in literature, and very apt for Biman's renaisance. We hope you will find this interesting and informative. Biman is a national symbol, and a source of pride for the country, and all Bangladeshis worldwide, and we are looking to bring this to a new, international audience. We are looking to completely transform Biman over the coming 2-3 years with many more customer oriented products and services, combined with traditional Bangladeshi hospitality. We are also looking to double the size of our fleet, and launch manu popular new routes. These are very exciting times for Biman, so watch this space for many more good news stories. Have a safe and enjoyable ride with our airlines.