Updated Travelling advisory for Kathmandu, Nepal


As per Department of Immigration, foreigners are allowed to enter into Nepal, ensuring compliance with below requirements and procedures:

Arriving Passenger to Nepal

Ø  Mandatory RT-PCR test for COVID-19: Passenger should carry 8 copies RT-PCR negative certificate from any Govt. Approved Laboratory with validity of 72 hours from sample collection to Departure time.  Provided that, Children aged 05 years & below, are exempted from COVID-19 PCR test.

Ø  Foreigners holding Diplomatic/Official passport or UN Laissez-Passer, Foreign employees working in UN agencies & other International Organizations in Nepal & their family members, Non-residential Nepali (NRN’s) or foreign passport holders with Nepali origin(Birthplace as Nepal stated in the passport) including their family members are allowed to enter Nepal without any prior approval or recommendations. 

However, they can manage their quarantine as per the request of their respective organizations.           

Ø  All the foreigners except the above mentioned, should obtain a tourist entry visa from the Nepali diplomatic missions abroad, else should have a pre-approval/ recommendation letter from the concerned ministries for ensuring their on-arrival visa.


Ø  As per the decision of the Govt. of Nepal dated 24th January’21, all the passengers from the countries with new variants of COVID-19(SARS-COV-2 VUI 2020/12/01) as first port of embarkation or transits are required to follow the enlisted health & quarantine protocols:

ü  Should obtain a prior tourist entry visa from the Nepali missions abroad.

ü  Are subjected to hotel quarantine for 10 days at their own cost in the hotels listed by Ministry of culture, tourism & civil aviation. After 5 days of Hotel quarantine, persons with Covid-19 Negative reports will be allowed to spend their remaining 5 days of quarantine at home.

This is applicable for passengers travelling from Red Zone Countries or Countries of

New variant of COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2 VUI 2020/12/01 )  .

N.B : Here to be mentioned that Bangladesh is not enlisted in new variant countries .

ü  Nepali Nationals, NRN’s and their children visiting Nepal to attend the funeral or severe medical treatment of their relatives should obtain a recommendation letter from the Nepali Missions abroad to ensure arrival permission at the airport. They can manage an alternative way of quarantine in coordination with CCMC secretariat.  

Ø  Professionals travelling (Ex-Nepal) for official programme & returning within 5 days of their departure, are allowed to enter Nepal with Covid-19 Negative reports at the time of departure from abroad.

Ø  All the foreigners should follow the health & security related protocols of the govt. of the Nepal (GoN). Such as wearing of Face Musk & Hand Gloves, maintaining social distance & cough etiquette during the whole journey are mandatory.

Ø  Issuance of Tourist Entry Visa from Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad is resumed as usual.

Ø  TD & Emergency passport holders are not eligible to get Visa on Arrival at the Entry Points.

Ø  CCMC BARCODE is mandatory to all passenger travel DAC to KTM .

Departing Passenger From Nepal: For travelling from Kathmandu, Nepal to Bangladesh, passengers must follow below procedures:

Ø  Mandatory RT-PCR test for COVID-19: Passenger should carry PCR negative certificate from any Govt. Approved Laboratory with validity of 72 hours from the sample collection to Departure time which must be shown at any airport in Bangladesh upon arrival. (Children aged below 10 years are exempted from COVID-19 PCR test.)

Ø  Mandatory Hand Gloves & Musk: All passengers must wear Face Mask, Hand Gloves during the whole journey from the time of arrival at Kathmandu airport till final destination.  

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