Update on entry requirements effective 001hrs Doha local time on 14Feb21

Please be Informed that effective 14th February 2021 at 02:00 hrs, the following new arrival rules for passengers arriving from non-green countries have been implemented:

 Terms and conditions for travelling to DOH (ex-Bangladesh)

1.     All arrivals for countries not on the Green List (i.e. high risk countries) will be subject to 7 days of hotel quarantine and should follow the designated flows.


2.     Health Assessment Forms are no longer required for high risk pax going to hotel quarantine.


3.     None of the previous medical or age related exemptions will apply to high risk arrivals.


4.     Any previously approved exemptions for passengers or visitors arriving from high risk countries are cancelled and will no longer apply until further notice.


5.     The usual policy for Diplomats will apply and those holding diplomatic card or passports can be sign-posted to the clinic.


6.     There is no change currently to the countries on the Green List, and to the arrivals policy for passengers arriving from those countries - these passengers will be brought to the North Node Clinic and can be swabbed and processed for home quarantine in the usual way.


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