Providing high quality food and services for airlines operating Ex-Dhaka since 1989
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Catering Centre (BFCC)

Biman Flight Catering Centre (BFCC), a name of quality foods and services for airlines operating Ex-Dhaka. Biman Flight Catering Centre (BFCC) was established in October, 1989. It is equipped with most modern facilities to meet the International Standard. Initially, BFCC started its operation under management participation of M/S Albert Abela (Far East) Inc, U.A.E. on three years contract. Since expiry of the contract on 27th Octber 1992, it is, now, being operated by Biman Management itself, controlled by an Independent Board.

BFCC building has a floor area of 66,120 sq. feet (6,150 sq. meters) and installed production capacity of 8500 meals per day. Highly sophisticated production machinery & equipment are used for production and presentation of food for its safe upliftment to flights with 100% HACCP requirement.

  1. To produce safe and wholesome food for airlines passengers.
  2. To constantly seek to better serve our customers.
  3. Be proactive in fulfilling our service-responsibilities.
  4. Working environment to be supportive of teamwork, enabling the employees to perform the best of their abilities.
  5. To review all service lines regularly and develop the best practices especially hygiene and HACCP in the production.
  1. To establish BFCC as a role model in the flight catering sector of the region.
  2. To meet the needs of our airlines customers, create customer value and provide fulfillment of our customers.
  3. To aim at increasing efficiency in respect of fulfillment of legal
Contact Information
  1. Telephone: – +880-2-8914700
  2. FAX :- +880-2-8913006
Postal address
  1. General Manager, Biman Flight Catering Centre,
  2. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport,
  3. Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh.
  4. General Information: [email protected]
  5. Webmaster : [email protected]