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Business And Economy Class - Comfort On-Board Biman Flights

Reserve Your Seat

Make booking, get ticket issued and also CHOOSE A SEAT !!

We are excited to now offer Advanced Seat Reservation through the BIMAN sales outlets and our website, allowing YOU to select the right seat for YOU all before you reach the airport for check-in.

This service is provided free of charge for BIMAN’s Domestic and International flights.

Business Class

Arrive ready to work and travel in the most comfortable Business Class ever offered by Biman Airlines. Enjoy our newly equipped Boeing 777 aircraft and the distinct service with premium meal, beverages and in-flight entertainment.

Economy Class

Enjoy the comfort and affordability of Biman Economy class. When you choose our best-value economy services you’ll find everything included in the price, with no hidden surprises. It all adds up to a smoother, more pleasant experience.