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Children, Infants & Expectant Mothers

  • How does Biman help an Unaccompanied Minor (Child) at check-in?
    • Handling Facilities for Unaccompanied Minor (Child) is available both at arrivals and departures with prior request during reservation and fulfillment of traveling conditions.

      Contact For Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka.
      On Duty Station Manager (SM) (+88) 01777715533
      Passenger Controller +88028901548
      Station Manager of Domestic And Foreign Stations
  • Do I need to purchase a seat for an infant ?
    • Generally infant tickets are issued without seat and if necessary, infant tickets can be purchased with seat (subject to availability of seats with applicable fare) at the time of making reservation.
  • What are the instructions for air traveling Expectant Mothers should follow?
    • 1. Expectant mothers are not normally incapacitated passengers. Pregnant Females will be accepted for travel. From 26th to 32nd Week of pregnancy, they need to carry “Fit for Fly” Medical Certificate given from Registered Doctors.
    • 2. From 33rd weeks of pregnancy, Expectant Mothers shall not be allowed to travel.
    • 3. Medical Certificate shall remain valid within 72 hours of commencing of the flight.

Carriage of Animals

Disability & Assistance

  • What assistance does Biman provide for passengers with disability?
    • If passengers require any special assistance to their departure gates, we will be happy to escort you to the gate. Please contact your departure airport or a local Biman office during reconfirmation to check if check-in times materially differ from our suggested three hours. If passengers require Wheel Chair, the facilities are available on both arrivals and departures with prior request at the time of reservation which is subject to payment.

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