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787 Dreamliner Reinvents Fleet Plans and Transforms Business Plans

Low fees
Lower Operating Cost
Low maintenance cost
Exceptional fuel efficiency

More flying days
More revenue cargo
Faster cruise speed
Higher Revenue Potential

Visionary Design
Optimized flight deck
Advanced aerodynamics
Passenger-pleasing features

20-25% fewer CO2 emission
Environment friendly, Clever Design
Ramp noise below ICAO regulations
Below limits on hydrocarbons, smoke, NOX, CO
ISO 14001; reducing environmental footprint

Source: www.boeing.com

Fleet Information

Your Home in the Sky

Immediately after the independence, Biman Bangladesh Airlines started its journey on 4th January 1972 with a DC-3 aircraft. After procuring two F-27s, Biman finally took-off on 7th March 1972 with domestic flights to Chittagong and Sylhet from its base at Dhaka. Shortly after, a Boeing 707 aircraft joined the airline’s fleet, allowing Biman to begin international flights. By end of the Seventies, Biman had a fleet of 8 F27 and 5 Boeing 707 to serve domestic and international destinations.

The Eighties was the new era of building Biman fleet with new Fokker 28-4000 in 1981, wide-bodied three DC10-30s joined in 1983, one new DC10-30 joined in 1989. In early 1990, Biman phased out its aging F27 and purchased two new ATPs to serve domestic and some regional destinations. In 1996 Biman also purchased two new Airbus 310-300 from Airbus Company and phased out its ATPs in 2004.

In order to modernize Biman fleet with new generation aircraft, Biman signed two agreements with Boeing in April and May 2008 for purchasing new generation 4 X 777-300ER, 4 X 787-8 and 2 X 737-800 aircraft. Four 777-300ER aircraft joined Biman fleet in October/November 2011, February 2014 and 21 March 2014. Two 737-800s aircraft joined Biman fleet in November/December 2015. Three Boeing 787-8 aircraft joined Biman fleet in August/December 2018 and August 2019. On 16 May 2019, 5th Boeing 737-800 arrives to join Biman fleet. 6th Boeing 737-800 arrives to join Biman fleet in June 30, 2019. Fourth new 787-8 aircraft delivered by Boeing on September 2019.

The first of the three Dash-8 planes purchased based on G2G agreement between the Governments of Bangladesh and Canada was added to the fleet on 26 December 2020 and the second & third are respectively on 24 February 2021 & 05 March 2021.

At present, the total number of aircraft in the fleet is 21. Of these, four are Boeing 777-300 ER, four are Boeing 787-8, two are Boeing 787-9, six are Boeing 737 and five are Dash 8-400 aircraft. Currently Biman is operating 07 domestic and 16 international destinations. Biman is in a bid to operate more domestic destinations, as such procuring two Turbo-Prop aircraft.

Biman has already phased out vintage F28 and DC10-30 aircraft from its fleet as a part of fleet modernization. The airline operates its own ancillary and maintenance facilities at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.

The composition of existing fleet of Biman is as follows:

Type Name Regn. No. Business Seating Premium Economy Seating Economy Seating
B 787-8 Dreamliner AKASHBEENA S2-AJS 24 N/A 247
B 787-8 Dreamliner HANGSABALAKA S2-AJT 24 N/A 247
B 787-8 Dreamliner GAANGCHIL S2-AJV 24 N/A 247
B 787-8 Dreamliner RAJHANGSA S2-AJU 24 N/A 247
B 787-9 Dreamliner SHONAR TORI S2-AJY 30 21 247
B 787-9 Dreamliner AWCHIN PAKHI S2-AJX 30 21 247
B 777-300ER PALKI S2-AFO 35 N/A 384
B 777-300ER ARUN AALO S2-AFP 35 N/A 384
B 777-300ER AAKASH PRADEEP S2-AHM 35 N/A 384
B 777-300ER RAANGA PRAVAT S2-AHN 35 N/A 384
B 737-800 - S2-AFL 12 N/A 150
B 737-800 - S2-AFM 12 N/A 150
B 737-800 MEGHDOOT S2-AHO 12 N/A 150
B 737-800 MAYURPANKHI S2-AHV 12 NA 150
B 737-800 - S2-AEQ 12 N/A 150
B 737-800 - S2-AEW 12 N/A 150
DASH-8 - S2-AGR N/A N/A 74
DASH-8 - S2-AJW N/A N/A 74

Biman is continuously working to enhance its fleet capability by leasing more appropriate capacity aircraft commensurate with market demand and serve the valued passengers at home and abroad.